5 Ways to Find an Investment Property at a Bargain Price

Finding yourself a property at a bargain price is the first step towards potentially having a better return on your investment. This is part of property management investment success 101. Thankfully, there are actually several ways to land a good investment with the best price.

1. Auction

An auction is the best place to get a good bargain, but it can also go the other way around. The secret to a successful auction is to know how much a property is really worth. Do not be too aggressive and make sure to stick to your limits.

2. Importance of Time

Agents prefer a sure deal. It puts them at ease thinking that a $600,000 deal that has been deposited today, rather than hoping to possibly has $610,000 tomorrow; because that possibility could mean nothing at all.

3. Bigger Picture

Oftentimes novice investors are caught up with their feelings that they tend to overlook the more important things. It is crucial that you pay close attention to every bit of details and think of the bigger picture and your long term objectives.  And make sure that you do not exceed your price limits.

4. Silent Sales

Silent sales are not an easy find unless you have some insider information. When you want to take advantage of these silent sales, you must develop relationships and connections to people that can let you in on a silent sale.

5. Buyer’s Agent

This method could be the easiest one. Get yourself an experienced buyer’s agent that will help you in looking for the best deals and negotiate properties on your behalf.

Source: news.com.au