Investors - Need more Income, need more Capital Growth?

Look No Further - The Answer is Here, Right Now!

New fantastic opportunity for a smart investor to partner with Rental Management Australia in developing a new income stream for your investment property portfolio.

The opportunity for rental returns on investment properties has changed forever with the introduction of new legislation amending the Granny Flat laws to allow property owners to build a new dwelling, on an existing property, and rent it out to anyone, without subdividing.

Smart investment property owners see a lot of opportunity in the new laws which enable them to build a new Granny Flat and rent it out to a non-family member.

Sterling First Projects, the building and development arm of Rental Management Australia specialises in investment property development and has now introduced a range of granny flat designs to help our clients take advantage of this new opportunity. They are able to offer a complete service for Granny Flat development including design, finance solutions, building and approvals and then attend to the leasing and ongoing management of the Granny Flat, so investors have a completely stress free investment project.

For those with an existing investment property this is a great opportunity to take advantage of both the additional income potential and potential long term capital growth. For a reasonable size Granny Flat with one to two bedrooms built onto an existing rental property, the potential rent might be as high as $250 per week, depending on the suburb in which it is located. With a capital outlay of around $90k-$120k to build, there is great potential to increase an investor’s rental return and possibly turn a negatively geared property to positively geared.

This strategy is very good for the long term. For a positively geared investment the rent will more than cover the loan repayment, and the property should appreciate more in value due to the extra accommodation provided.

Subject to usual lending criteria it should be possible to arrange borrowing to build a granny flat in a similar way to that for building a regular house. Funds could be distributed at predetermined times of the construction similar to the systems used for regular property building.

With a range of new and exciting designs, a new Granny Flat doesn’t have to be the old fashioned, dull design of the past, but are now well-constructed, small houses that can add real value (income and capital) to your existing investment property or your own home.

Contact Sterling First Projects on 1300 440 166 for more information.