Is It A Good Idea to Allow Pets in Your Property?

Pets in Investment PropertyYes it is best if you allow tenants with pets to occupy your property because chances are, whether you allow it or not, tenants with pets will still bring their pets with them. It would be better that they do it with your permission, but also with restrictions. That is the best thing that you can do for your property and your tenants, too.

There’s a big chunk of market that you will lose if you would not allow tenants with pets to rent your property. So instead of losing a potential tenant, create a policy that would make you and your tenant happy. Most of the time, tenants would lie about their pets during their interview as soon as they know that you prohibit pets and still end up bringing their pets with them.

The key to allowing pets in your rental property is to have specific policies that have to be followed. The ultimate clause you can include in your contract is to hold your tenant responsible for any damage cause by their pets.

When deciding whether or not to allow pets on your rental property, sit and brainstorm with your Perth property manager. Your property manager could definitely help you come up with the right policy that would ensure the safety of your property without sacrificing the welfare of your tenants.

Rental Management Australia has a team of experienced and professional property managers who know how the industry works. It would be easy for them to help you out in drafting the best contract with pet policy included. Get the best pet policy for your property now. Call us today!