Most house fires happen in August

Check your smoke alarmsWith the cold snap of Perth's winters, most households have been turning up the heat to keep their families warm. August is typically the month of the year that's plagued with the most accidental house fires, according to FESA (Fire and Emergency Services).

In the last financial year, almost $22 million worth damage was caused by house fires. The sad part about it is that most were preventable - the biggest cause of accidental fires are unattended flames and heaters. Fire and Emergency Services have responded to more accidental house fires during the winter months because of this increased use of

  • heaters,
  • open fires and
  • electric blankets.

We should all be taking the necessary precautions in our homes.

According to regulations, it is the legal responsibility of the property owner to ensure that smoke alarms in investment properties are well maintained. Rental Management Australia have partnered with National Smoke Alarm Services in order to provide you with the peace of mind when it comes to your investment properties. National Smoke Alarm Services provide you with an annual maintenance service to carry out the following checks and repairs to ensure your:

  • Installed smoke alarms are compliant with AS 3786, 1993 Smoke Alarms.
  • The smoke alarm locations are appropriate as determined in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and FESA WA.
  • The smoke alarms are secured appropriately to the ceiling
  • All replaceable smoke alarm batteries have been replaced..
  • The alarms have are appropriately smoke tested (via controlled 'smoke in a can'.)
  • The alarms have the appropriately decibel level tested.
  • The alarms are appropriately button tested.
  • The alarms are clean and dusted.
  • The alarms are within the expiry date.
  • The Residential Current Device(s) (RCD's) have been appropriately tested.


You can rest assured that you are well covered for.

Don't leave this to chance, and pick up the phone today to speak with your property manager and have them organise the National Smoke Alarm Services company to take care of your investment property smoke alarms.

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FESA statistics show Morley has experienced the highest number of accidental house fires over the past five years with a total of 39 incidents, followed by Maylands with 38, Gosnells with 37, Balga with 37 and Armadale with 36.

In 2011-12 alone, certain suburbs experienced a significant jump in the number of accidental house fires compared with previous years:

  • Ellenbrook: usually an average of two a year, however there were eight in 2011/12
  • Cloverdale: usually an average of three a year, however there were seven in 2011/12
  • Mandurah: usually an average of two a year, however there were eight in 2011/12
  • Seville Grove: usually an average of two a year, however there were six in 2011/12
  • Port Kennedy: usually an average of one a year, however there were three in 2011/12