Property investors are flocking back to the market

As reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) current housing finance data, investors are indeed flocking back into the market. The April 2013 official cash rate of 3%, it became reason enough for investors to come after yield and a long term capital growth; which is way better than investing their money in the bank with a minimal interest rate.

Investors are Positioning themselves for Long-Term Investment Gains

Property investors are looking for stability in their investment and when the housing market showed good figures especially in their cash rate, it gave investors more reason to flock into the market.

Bank vs. Property Investment

Instead of keeping money in the bank, the predicted long term gains show a higher return on investment. It is a fact that putting your money in a bank will only gain you a little amount of interest over the year compared to investing your money in a property. It has made investors look in a different direction when it comes to investing and housing has persistently been a stable source of returns.