Property Manager Job Description

The dynamics of owning a property can be hard to comprehend for new investment property owners.  Property managers then come into picture to help property owners maintain and bring additional value to their properties. It is their duty to handle the property’s business dealings and maintenance, making sure that the property is in good shape at all times.

Hi, we're Rental Management Australia, a Property Management Perth company and here’s two of the most important role of a property manager:


It is a property manager’s responsibility to formulate and implement marketing strategies that would ensure that a property will have minimal vacancy periods. It is their duty to look for possible tenants as well as choosing the right tenants.


Property managers are responsible for making sure that the property is well-maintained. They make sure that maintenance and repairs are regularly conducted to ensure property’s market viability.

It is also a property manager’s role to keep the tenants happy. A property manager also deals with any tenant complaints and any issues or concerns that have got to do with the tenants.

A property manager also ensures that the property owner is well-informed and updated with all the property activities. Vacancy issues or needed repairs and maintenance should be regularly reported to the owner. At Rental Management Australia, our MYproperties tool gives our clients 24/7 access to view all information related to their properties.

Handling all these responsibilities can be tough but property managers are educated and trained to ensure that every property is managed properly.