What Should I Do If My Tenant Will Not Pay Rent?

One of the most common problems that a self-managing property owner encounters with rental properties is tenants not paying the rent. If this happens to you, necessary actions should be taken immediately. If in case the tenant still can’t pay on the agreed terms, you may have the contract terminated. However, you just can’t terminate a contract that easily. There are certain legal policies you must adhere to.

You have two options in cases where tenants will not pay rent. First, you do not want to evict your tenant but simply to have them pay the rent. In this instance, give your tenant a breach notice of non-payment of rent the day after the missed rent. This should give your tenant 14 days to settle the overdue rent. Is the tenant fails to fulfil the agreement; you can then file for termination of the residential tenancy.

Your second option is you may automatically give a notice of termination for non-payment of rent the day after the missed rent. This will give your tenant 7 days to settle the outstanding rent; otherwise you may apply for a termination of the agreement in the Magistrates Court.

Which policy to follow is solely your decision to make. The process can be a bit confusing sometimes. And it’s a fact that this is one of the problems that a landlord often encounters with tenants.

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Source: Department of Commerce, Government of WA

Disclaimer: This is general information only. This is not legal advice and you should not rely upon it. Please consult with your property manager or solicitor.