What Should Landlords Do About Tenants with Pets?

Property owners like you may cringe when they hear pets, dogs, or cats maybe because you once had a bad experience with tenants with pets. However, you just can’t discriminate tenants with pets; after all, they could turn out to be the best tenant you could ever have. What you need to do instead is whenever you have a possible tenant with a pet, just make sure that they are responsible pet owners. Your property management Perth company can help you determine the best rule to implement when it comes to pets. 
However, tenants with pets are inevitable that is why it would be best if you just set certain rules when it comes to having a pet. You can make a limitation wherein you will only accept pets that are kept in a cage. Or you can possibly charge your tenants with pet deposits; if the pet owner refuses to pay, then it is better to move on to your next prospect. During your tenant interview, you can also request to bring the pet with them. If you see a well-groomed pet, it could possibly mean that the owner cares so much about being clean and would most likely maintain a clean home. 
It could be hard to decide whether or not you should allow someone with pet to occupy your home, but you still can especially if you implement strict rules about pet ownership.Property management Perth companies like Rental Management Australia knows what’s best for your property and the tenants with pets. If you are not sure what to do about it, ask help from the experts. Call us today!