What to do When Tenants Breach Your Lease Contract?

If you manage your own rental property or properties, be aware of this. If, however you have us managing your rental property, you have nothing to worry about - because we’re taking care of this for you. 
Breach of contract happens when a tenant decides to leave your property before your contract ends or it could be anything that a tenant do that is against your lease contract. That can be a major headache for property owners. However, this kind of problem can be avoided even before the contract starts as long as you or your property management Perth company has cautiously drafted your lease agreement. 
There are several things that you can do with regards to tenants breaking your lease contract. But before that, it is important that you have a written proof that would confirm that your tenant has indeed broken the lease agreement. The most important thing is for you to make a lease agreement that would protect you from any means that tenants could breach your contract. 
“Assume the worst, hope for the best.” This is an ideal inspiration when you are making your lease contract because this will help you prepare for the worst that could happen and at the same you’d be able to protect yourself if anything goes wrong with the contract. 
For example, when drafting your contract, make a clause that states what would happen if a tenant leaves your property before the contract ends. In cases like these, you can include in your contract an agreement that if your tenant decides to leave before the contract ends, they will be required to find a replacement to take over the lease before you would relieve them of any financial obligations. This would protect you from any possible income loss once they breach the contract by leaving your property vacant. 
For you to avoid any losses in cases where tenants breach your contract, you have to include all possible worst case scenarios on your lease agreement and make sure that you come up with an agreement that would protect you from the breach of contract. 
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