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Our Core Services 

Tenant Selection

We carefully select tenants for your property. A rigorous screening system checks everything from criminal and rental histories to payment capabilities, ensuring that the appropriate tenant is entrusted with your property every time. 

Rent Payments

We oversee every step in the payment process.

Property Inspections

We conduct thorough inspections on a regular basis; providing you with photos and updates on your property's state. If there are maintenance issues that require attention, you will be contacted and updated throughout the process. Transparency is important to us and we will never willingly withhold information from you. 

Ongoing Tenant Support 

Constant contact with tenants allows us to identify issues as they arise - not after they've become a serious problem. 



Added Benefits

MyProperty Smartphone Application

To complement our traditional property management services, we've introduced the MyProperty App into our business model. MyProperty is a secure website and iOS/Android app that provides owners with property data and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Multiple Offices Across Australia

With 3 large offices serving Western Australia, and more across Victoria and Queensland, there is always someone close by. 

Professional Staff

We guarantee excellence from all RMA staff members - from our accounts team to our property managers. 

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