Rental Management Australia seeks experienced property management and business development personnel to share in our rapid company growth.

Rental Management Australia’s objective is to be the property manager and employer of choice with customer service being at the forefront of everything we do.  Our aim is to make property management a career and for Rental Management Australia to provide  diverse opportunities to grow professionally.  

Rental Management Australia operates in a dynamic and exciting work environment and offers a positive work culture and opportunities for advancing your career. Successful applicants with Rental Management Australia can demonstrate that they are hard working people who enjoy a challenge. They are team players who enjoy meeting and working with other people.

If you have skills and experience in real estate, sales, property or business management, open job opportunities are listed below but if you would like to join Rental Management Australia and can demonstrate your potential, apply now by emailing your CV and application statement to


By joining the team at Rental Management Australia you have the opportunity to:

  • To grow and develop your career in Property Management
  • Be a part of a friendly work environment
  • Access initial and ongoing training 
  • Recieve support and mentorship from senior management 
  • Grow with the company 



  • Flexibility and a role that fits your career goals 
  • The latest technology & systems to support & enhance you and your job
  • Fast paced & vibrant inner-city locations
  • Continued learning & opportunities for continued growth 
  • Working with a motivated and supportive team
  • Access to our Wellness Program that ensures all staff have the ability to obtain confidential mental health support. 


Current Vacancies: 

  • Property Manager
  • Assistant Property Manager
  • Inspection Officer 


Flexible Hours Available: 

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Casual
  • 5 Day Fortnight
  • 9 Day Fortnight