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We’ve got a little secret we can share with you. You can make a career in property management last forever. How can that be so? Well, land also lasts forever and we guarantee that land will need a property manager like RMA to service its many present and future owners for years to come. RMA is looking for a few select people who are ready to embark on a new career opportunity. We've got a fast-track training program to help our newer agents build a book of their own business that can provide income to you for years to come.

Oh, are you already a seasoned property manager but just looking for a change of scenery and better pay? Come have a try with us at RMA. We've got offices nationwide with regular opportunities for promotion, flexible hours that you can choose, and the all the pay you really deserve.

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Property Manager

South Perth

Property Managers are our superstars and the backbone of RMA. If you’d like to join our dedicated team of agents. Apply now.

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Property Manager


Property Managers are our superstars and the backbone of RMA. If you’d like to join our dedicated team of agents. Apply now.

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Property Management Assistant

Senior Management Assistant

National Training Manager

Branch Manager

Meet Erin Wallis

After completing my studies, I followed enquiries from my friends to join them in a career within the real estate services sector. It was with great fortune that during my Property Management Registration at REIWA I was introduced to Rental Management Australia – or “RMA” as it’s commonly known within the industry.

I started my career at RMA as an Assistant Property Manager in 2015. Thanks to the help and training from RMA I was able to start and quickly build my own portfolio of 120 properties. A year later RMA helped me step up once again earning the Senior Property Manager recognition where I built my portfolio to nearly 200 properties.

A significant milestone arrived in 2018 when I transitioned into the National Training Role at RMA allowing me to share my insights and connect with my colleagues all across Australia. From Office Manager in South Perth, to my current role Branch Manager awarded in 2020, I have been free to pursue my personal growth here at RMA at my own pace recently earning my triennial certification where I currently oversee our Human Resources department.

During the past decade I am thankful RMA has helped me to blossom into this senior role. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to join a career in Property Management I invite you to contact me anytime.

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