Elizabeth Court

About Me

Elizabeth Court is a true Property Management career professional. She has over 17 years of experience in Property Management, including a unique role overseeing, training and providing guidance to 300 external Property Managers in the leasing of 18,500 investment properties throughout Australia. This role gave Elizabeth great exposure to the varying levels of service in the property management industry, and allowed her to develop deep industry knowledge. A true career professional, Elizabeth’s experience covers all aspects of property management, and she is passionate about client service. Her attention to detail, and industry and legislative knowledge would be hard to beat.

Elizabeth quickly became a highly valued staff member after joining us in November 2016. Her values, passion and experience are a perfect fit for the perfection-driven team at RMA. 

Elizabeth has been a tenant, a home owner and a landlord. She prides herself on her ‘firm but fair’ approach and treating all parties with respect. She is proud to be a part of the team at RMA. And we can definitely say she shares our values for client service, and our understanding of client needs.

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