Ellen Hederich-Binz

About Me

With over 10 years in the Real Estate industry, Ellen is a Property Manager and valued member of the team at our Bunbury office. Ellen came to be at RMA all the way from Germany where she migrated to Australia back in 1988. After unfortunately losing her husband and having two boys to look after she began her first portion of her time in Australia working at a pizza shop. After 10 years she was offered a job as a Property Manager by someone who knew her from managing the pizza shop where she has been in the role ever since. 

Client interaction is her favourite part of her role, and she thoroughly enjoys building rapport and trust with both her owners and tenants. She’s a self-confessed straight shooter and believes her success in her role stems from her dedication to keeping communication honest and forthright. Her motto is to treat everyone with respect and honesty and starts each day with a smile and enthusiasm - which is very much appreciated by her clients.

Ellen’s approach to the world – both at work and at home – is very much ‘go with the flow’. She lives by the power of positivity, meditation and never being too quick to judge.

We love having Ellen as part of the team. 

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