Jude O'Brien

About Me

A genuine entertainer that has proven you can do anything you set your mind to, Jude's approach to customer service is based on honesty, integrity and accountability.  She believes if there's a problem it's nothing an open honest conversation can't resolve.

Jude thanks her children and 8 grandchildren for her approach to life. Having a son with Autism has taught her patience, humility, understanding, listening-skills, bargaining-skills, dispute resolution, and forward planning.  It's also made Jude realise that when someone says something can't be done it’s always possible to find another way to get a result.

While industry experience and a long list of attributes makes Jude a rock star senior property manager, it's her ability to provide RMA clients with an abundance of information that gets her the most compliments. Jude has come to learn that Owners love information to make informed decisions – the more info the better. Tenants also appreciate the way Jude promptly addresses their concerns too.

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