What People Are Saying

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly and providing a wonderful service to us as landlords. You have all made the processes so easy and stress free for us. We will definitely be using your business again in the future.   
Kahlia Smith, Owner 2019
“I have been blown away by the service. We handed the property over to be managed by rental management and we had a new tenant before the old tenant moved out! Very professional and helpful and I would highly recommend you.”  
Jodi Bathgate, Property Owner WA
I will leave it in your capable hands as I know you will deal with whatever eventuates from it in the long term. We wish all our friends had someone like you looking after their rental property for them. 
Janet and Paul Thompson, Property Owners 2019
Thanks so much for being so prompt always, very professional and for advertising our Golden Bay home today after our chat this morning and great job too! 
Kev and Jules Coetsee, Property Owners 2019
Many thanks for taking the time out of your schedule last week and for providing contact details to a property sales expert. Please don't leave as you are brilliant!
Alan Moylan, Owner 2019
The best Property Manager I have had in 15 years! 
Michael Ducky. Owner 2019
Thank you for your efficient service dealing with my rental. You made it simple to handle a rental, into a sale property. Top treatment, many thanks.   
Ken Plater, Owner 2019
You are the best realtor I have encountered by far and I have dealt with a few.
Robert Taylor, Tenant 2019
Over the past months I have had the pleasure of dealing with your staff on a complex located in Butler.  Initially with Eloise, who was a dream to work with and subsequently Sam. The dream only got better. Last week we had the general meeting.  The owners agreed that she is pro-active and extremely helpful and that she has their interest at the forefront. It is rare in our position to hear such positive feedback and have such a comfortable working relationship with a management firm.  
Julia Barratt-Hill, Strata Manager 2019
In the future, if I ever buy an investment property I would appoint RMA Management to handle my property as I have always  found you to be professional, helpful, reasonable & speedy to fix any issues.
Dee Locantro, Tenant 2019