Rental Management Australia is one of many property management companies in Western Australia. What sets it apart from the rest of the competition? Why should you choose RMA out of all the other property management companies?

Property Management Companies: Vast Experience

One thing that you should keep an eye out when choosing a property management company is vast experience. It has been said that there is no teacher like experience. Having been around for four years and counting, Rental Management Australia has got all of the experience that is necessary to properly and efficiently manage your property and help you get the most out of it. This means that we put ourselves in charge of all the responsibilities that come attached to your property.

We keep close tabs on the upkeep and maintenance of your property and provide you with monthly reports on the status of your property. This is crucial as the state of your property determines how much it is worth and how valuable it is in the eyes of prospective tenants and perhaps in the future, in the eyes of prospective buyers. 

Rental Management Australia also understands inside and out the smallest details and nuances when it comes to selecting tenants for your property. We assess very carefully who gets to stay in your property based on a number of stringent factors. These factors include looking into their criminal history, rental history, and current credit score. Criminal history is important as you obviously do not want somebody with an outstanding criminal charge staying in your property. Rental history is crucial to examine so that you can know if the person has good references from previous landlords. Rental Management Australia also ensures that prospective tenants do not lie on their application forms. Lastly, we check the credit score of prospective tenants so that you eliminate the chances of taking in tenants who may be unable to make the rent payments.

Property Management Companies: Competent Property Managers

Another thing that you should look out for when choosing amongst several property management companies is competent property managers. Aside from a company that has been in the business for a long time, you want property managers that can be trusted to do what they say when they say they will do it. This is a very important feature to look for if you want to get the most out of your property investment.