Property Management Corinda

Property Management Corinda

RMA is an industry-leading property management specialising in connecting homeowners and tenants. We’ve leased and managed numerous properties in Corinda in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs of Sherwood, Graceville, Chelmer, Indooroopilly, Fig Tree Pocket, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Jindalee, Mount Ommaney, Jamboree Heights, Darra, Oxley, Moorooka, Yeerongpilly, Yeronga, Salisbury and more. 

We’ve built a reputation with homeowners for caring for properties and providing a hassle-free experience. We take care of essential tasks like finding tenants, tenant background and credit checks, rent collection, property maintenance and legal paperwork. We pride ourselves on transparency and performance. 

Our Corinda team of property managers have extensive market knowledge specific to the area. They are on top of all trends and projections related to the rental market. 


Our rental management services include:


Partnering with RMA’s Corinda team means open communication and perpetual effort to get you the best from your property. We work to acquire and retain the right tenants while ensuring that rental prices benefit the homeowner. 

Your property management company in Corinda needs to ensure that your rental property aligns with the necessary laws and codes of conduct, as well as being up to date in all relative paperwork.

RMA has extensive experience in both rental and commercial property spaces. Our team of specialists are knowledgable in a range of locations and a variety of build types. Being a successful property management company involves researching and implementing nuanced marketing insights for each location. We bring this comprehensive knowledge to Corinda and its surrounding suburbs.


About the areas


Property management in Corinda

Corinda has roots as a farming community in the early days of Queensland. It has grown into a residential area while honouring its historical roots. Its heritage sites, churches, parks and schools are great for residents to explore and appreciate. Units are outselling houses in Corinda right now, particularly three bedroom ones. They allow buyers to save on price while still giving families or couples the space they need. 


Property management in Sherwood

Sherwood is among Queensland’s most scenic suburbs. Going for a stroll in the Sherwood Arboretum or along the Brisbane River is a huge boon of living in the area. The aesthetic natural surroundings have attracted young professionals to the area who are buying both units and houses at a rapid rate and seeing their property values rise too.


Property management in Graceville

The Queensland suburb of Graceville has become a popular family neighbourhood. The Brisbane River and Oxley Creek provide an injection of nature whilst commercial shopping precincts and sporting clubs provide a more modern appeal. Families are finding a lot to like about Graceville, indicated by all of the three or four bedroom houses being snatched up recently.  


Property management in Chelmer

Chelmer is a suburb that exemplifies Queensland architecture. Many properties in the area have the typical Queenslander characteristics like wooden verandahs and iron roofing. The Brisbane River is also next to Chelmer, with bridges crossing it for that wonderful view. It’s a suburb that makes it easy to appreciate Australia and all the families buying up small houses in the area seem to agree.


Property management in Indooroopilly

The suburb of Indooroopilly has gained a reputation as a regional activity centre within Queensland. Its commercial and industrial presence is exemplified by it having one of Brisbane’s largest shopping centres. There are also precincts full of cafes, restaurants and sports clubs to suit a myriad of interests. Younger couples love being around this busy and bustling area with so much to do and are being quick about securing their three bedroom houses and units. 


Property management in Brisbane River

The Brisbane River’s northern bank is home to the Queensland suburb of Fig Tree Pocket. In addition to the natural majesty of the river, there is Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The oldest and largest of its kind, children and their parents love the opportunity to appreciate Australian wildlife there. Families have the luxury of low density residential areas with sprawling four bedroom houses available in spades. 


Property management in Seventeen Mile Rocks

Seventeen Mile Rocks is a diverse suburb of Queensland, separated into distinct areas. Its park area is perfect for enjoying some nature whilst its industrial area is an employment hub and a place for your day-to-day services. It has a nice mix of everything you could need and families are seeing the appeal. They’re being quick to grab four bedroom houses that offer space aplenty for them and the kids. 


Property management in Jindalee

Jindalee is a charming Queensland suburb that hugs the Brisbane River. It is a predominantly residential area with amenities like a golf course and shopping centres to provide entertainment and essentials. Large houses in Jindalee are popular but small houses have begun to sell quickly recently. Both couples and families are being drawn to the quaint and delightful suburb that offers residences to suit their preferences. 


Property management in Mount Ommaney

Mount Ommaney is a Queensland suburb named after the mountain in its locality. Nature is plentiful in the area with large forest areas protected from development and many houses located on the mountain range itself. Parents relish the opportunity to raise their kids somewhere full of fresh air and nature and opt for spacious, four bedroom houses most frequently. 


Property management in Jamboree Heights

The Queensland suburb of Jamboree Heights has slowly been getting a makeover. It was founded in 1879 and mostly used for farming. Over time it has seen many renovations, resulting in a newer shopping centre, firehouse and police station. Its classic Queensland town vibe has a modern touch that has charmed couples and families. They're quick to grab medium houses with three of four bedrooms for a mix of affordability and space. 


Property management in Darra

Darra is a Queensland suburb that blends cultural influences. The Vietnamese Church and the Vietnamese Buddhist temple contrast with the large number of Queenslander-style homes to show much of a melting pot Australia can be. Couples and families resonate with this blend, which is why they have been rushing to buy houses and units there lately. 


Property management in Moorooka

Moorooka is a Queensland suburb that blends retail, residential and industrial areas. Older properties in Moorooka have been modernised and a shopping district containing over 100 businesses has been built. There’s nature to enjoy in the hills providing a terrific mountain view for residents. There’s a bit of everything and that’s why families, couples and retirees alike choose Moorooka as their living destination. Three bedroom houses and apartments are proving to be the popular choice at the moment. 


Property management in Yeerongpilly

The suburb of Yeerongpilly has been a part of Queensland for many years. It was originally a timber area called Boggo that has flourished into a cosy suburb for its families and residents. In addition to the usual amenities and services, Yeerongpilly has a nice golf course for parents who want to hit the green and heritage sites to enjoy as a family. Residents agree that three bedrooms are the perfect sized houses for living in this suburb. 


Property management in Oxley

Oxley is a Queensland suburb that strikes a nice balance between industrial and residential areas. Oxley has a large supply of clay, making construction and paving projects common for the area. It’s a useful employment hub for many people in the industry that attracts many construction professionals, often with their families. Their residences of choice are the affordable yet spacious three of four bedroom houses in the area. 


Property management in Yeronga

The suburb of Yeronga has a storied existence as a part of Queensland. Originally, Yeronga was used for dairy farming and had a series of lagoons. Since then, the agricultural land has become residences and lagoons have been filled to create parkland. Heritage sites remain to remind everyone of Yeronga’s history. The mix of parkland and historical sites are appealing to both parents and kids in the area. These families are opting for apartment living and the smaller apartments are seeing the best rise in value.


Property management in Salisbury

Salisbury is a delightful Queensland suburb that sits on the edge of the Toohey mountain range. It has a mix of breathtaking mountain views and historical heritage sites to appreciate. In recent years, development has brought more families over to Salisbury to enjoy the sites and the atmosphere. The fastest sellers recently have been roomy, four bedroom houses.


Property management in Williams Landing

The suburb of Williams Landing is a bustling employment and activity hub in Victoria. Development projects have led to shopping, entertainment and a high number of white-collar jobs in the area. This has encouraged many young professionals to buy property in the area for both work and leisure opportunities. They have been drawn to buying smaller houses that are growing in property value right now.

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