As a property investor, you can surely go ahead and manage your own properties. However, it is more beneficial to hire property managers to do it for you especially if you are new to the business or are too busy to handle everyday operation. If you decide to use the services of a property manager, you should be aware of the property management fees in Perth.

Property Management Fees Perth

Almost all property investors employ a property manager to take care of their properties. Just like all other services, it comes with a fee. Majority of the property management fees in Perth is between 7 to 10% of the gross rental income.  

Depending on specific services that you may require, you might have to pay for an additional hourly rate. Part of the services included in property management fees in Perth are handling the legal concerns, dealing with tenants and maintenance of the property.

Property management fees may differ from one company to another but services offered are most likely the same.  Property management fees in Perth can be an additional expense but it can be more beneficial for you in the long run. It will not only bring in additional cash flow but they would also make sure that your property is in tiptop shape. 

So if you're looking for a Property Management Perth based company, enquire now.