It is the duty of a property management company to manage and maintain residential or commercial rental properties with the intent of maximising cash flow. The property management job description varies from collecting rent to maintenance services and everything in between.

Property Management Job Description

The principal role of a property manager is to manage all business operations of the properties owned by the property investor. Property management companies specialize in either residential or commercial properties, or even both.

Here is a list of specific property management job description:

1.    to analyse market conditions
2.    to make sure properties are occupied
3.    to organise records and documents
4.    to gather documents for financial reports
5.    to handle contracts pertaining to the property
6.    to organise regular property maintenance
7.    to address tenants’ concerns

To sum it up, it is the role of a property management to handle daily business operation of an investment property. These key duties of a property management are essential for property investors to reach their targets. If you are thinking of investing in a property with the intent of renting it out, you definitely have to get a property manager to do the job for you.