Property Management Jobs Perth

Property Management Jobs Perth

A property manager’s job is to maximise the value homeowners gain from their investment properties and make their lives easier. To do this effectively, property managers need to have the necessary skills and experience. This includes a keen insight into the property market and the people skills to communicate with tenants constructively. To keep your rental property safe and your investment strong, you have to find the right person for the job. RMA’s property managers are highly-trained and intimately familiar with the market trends around Perth. 


What does a property manager’s job include?

A property manager’s job includes a myriad of tasks. The two main categories for these are leasing tasks and management tasks. Leasing tasks focus on finding tenants for your rental property. These include creating rental listings, conducting home opens and dealing with the requisite paperwork. Management tasks involve keeping the property in good condition and liaising with existing tenants. This means cleaning, repairs and collecting rent from tenants. The services provided vary depending on who you’re hiring, so make sure you check beforehand.


RMA provides a broad range of rental management services, including:


Property management in Perth

Property management jobs in Perth are on the rise right now. Perth’s rental market is strong at the moment, providing excellent returns for property investors. With the demand for rentals rising, the demand for property managers has done the same. RMA’s property managers are intimately familiar with the various suburbs and areas in Perth. This means they provide the best guidance for homeowners looking to lease their properties. We provide property management services all across Western Australia. You can visit our Perth offices in South Perth, Joondalup and Port Kennedy. We also have a Bunbury office if you're in the Southwest of WA.


How to find the right property manager for you

Finding the right property manager means hiring someone who accommodates your specific needs. If you want help leasing your property, prioritise a property manager with excellent marketing skills and knowledge of the rental market. If you’re after a property manager to look after your property and deal with tenants, someone with exceptional people skills is the way to go. 


Luckily, with RMA you don’t need to choose. Our property managers excel in all aspects of the job. They are always well-informed about Perth’s rental markets and create great relations between homeowners and tenants. This is all while keeping your property in tip-top shape.


If you’re looking for excellent property management in Perth, give us a call. We take the hassle out of renting out your property. 

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