What services are offered by Rental Management Australia? What can you expect from us when you hire us to manage your property? One of the best things about hiring a property management company to do the job for you is that there are several responsibilities that you no longer have to give a second thought to once the papers are signed. Rental Management Australia has a brilliant team of property managers that are highly experienced and well-equipped to do the job. Here are some of the property management services that RMA offers:

Property Management Services: Selecting Your Tenants for You

The process of selecting a tenants and going through the applications of prospective tenants can be a tedious and challenging one. At Rental Management Australia, we have been doing what we do for four years now and we understand the ins and outs of tenant selection like the back of our hand. Selecting tenants is a very crucial and important process and it needs to be carried out with precision and professionalism. Among the factors that we examine during the tenant selection process are criminal history, rental history, current credit standing, and ability to make payment.

Property Management Services: Ensuring That Rent is Paid Every Month

Another aspect of property management services that Rental Management Australia takes care of is ensuring that rent for your property is paid by tenants every month. There is not a bigger headache than having to chase down a tenant who is a few months late on rent but when you hire RMA, this becomes our responsibility. Regardless of the method of payment that the tenant chooses, we ensure that he or she sees the transaction through. 

Property Management Services: Thoroughly Inspecting Your Property from the Inside Out

Many of our clients choose to engage in property management services due to the fact that they live quite a distance from the property that they wish to rent out. Rental Management Australia not only handles acquiring and selecting tenants for your property who are credible and trustworthy, we also ensure that your property is well-maintained at all times. Your property manager even sends you photos of your property so that you are able to keep tabs on it on a regular basis. It does not get any more thorough than that.

At Rental Management Australia, we make your property management information available for you at all times for your convenience, through the MYproperty portal, 24/7.