Property manager duties differ from one property to another as well as from one owner to another. However, the normal property manager duties include: transacting with tenants, supervision of the property and its maintenance, finding new tenants and checking their background, and renting out the property.  

Property Manager Duties

Property manager duties start off with the owner and then the tenants. If issues arise, you have to consider first the best interest of the owner before you think about the tenants. Whatever is favourable to the owner shall be your deciding factor in resolving any issue.

There are two types of property management: Residential and Commercial. Residential property management handles rental properties where people actual live in like apartments, houses and condominiums. On the other hand, commercial property management manages the properties rented out to business tenants; properties like malls and office buildings.

Property managers are mandated by most places to obtain their certification as a proof of their ability to perform property manager duties. This certification would help make the property owners feel safeguarded with the property management handling their properties.

If you are a property owner looking for a property manager, there are a lot of self-employed property managers as well as property management companies that are equally capable to perform property manager duties.