Property Management Perth

Property Management Perth


RMA specialises in providing property management services all across Perth and Western Australia. We do everything we can to help connect tenants to homeowners including finding tenants, conducting tenant checks, collecting rent, maintaining properties and filling out legal paperwork.


We want to make the process smooth for everyone involved but we put a particular focus on streamlining every aspect of renting for homeowners. This ensures that they have a stress-free experience and get to focus on the things that they really enjoy. 


We know how important investment properties are to our clients. They help provide great rental income and give them additional financial security for their future. That’s why doing things the right way is so important when renting out your property. 


From top to bottom, we want to take care of all the necessities. From dealing with the tenants to taking care of the property, we want to do it all to the highest level of quality and excellence. This ensures that you reap the benefits and are satisfied with your rental.


Our property management team in Perth has extensive experience with suburbs across the whole state of Western Australia. Within Perth we have offices in South PerthJoondalup and Port Kennedy. We also have our Bunbury office in the southwest of WA. We use an in-depth understanding of the local rental market and the current trends to provide the best service at a competitive rate. 


Our rental management services include:


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality property management in Perth. We always provide our services with full transparency, open communication and impeccable organisational skills. This helps us to exceed all expectations and perform at the highest level.


All across Perth, we are capable of handling your property management needs. All of our staff are well-trained and extremely familiar with the suburbs all across the state of Western Australia. You know you’re in good hands, wherever your rental property is. 


If you would like a smooth, hassle-free property management experience in Perth then feel free to contact our team at 08 9269 6100 email us at or click here.

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