To put it simply, residential property management is the job, speciality and expertise of Rental Management Australia. While there are countless other companies out there that do what we do, we offer our services in a very unique and professional manner that makes us stand out from the crowd. It is our understanding that residential property management is a very serious and precise task that needs to be treated as such. Our rental property managers are trained extensively so that they are able to make the most of your property once you pass on this responsibility to us.

Residential Property Management: What is it exactly?

What tasks are covered in residential property management? This is one of the most common questions posed by many prospective clients and we delight in answering it for you.

One aspect of residential property management is tenant selection. We undertake the task of selecting tenants for your property that can be trusted to treat your property in a respectful manner. We also find ways to verify that their financial background is sound. In order to obtain a solid character reference, Rental Management Australia looks into the rental history, criminal history, and current credit score of prospective tenants.

Rental Management Australia also keeps tabs on the vacancy period of your property. Naturally, if you bought property as an investment, you want to avoid long vacancy periods. RMA does everything possible to ensure that vacancy periods do not last long. We do this by posting ads online and in print so that your property gets as much exposure as possible.

Many of our clients hired us because they prefer to delegate the task of interacting with tenants to somebody else. This is completely understandable given that residential property management involves tasks like collecting rent and communicating with tenants regularly about the property. The negotiation process is also handled by Rental Management Australia with regard to leases and other important details.

Residential property management: Making use of effective marketing strategies

Again, as mentioned earlier, Rental Management Australia also takes care of marketing your property so that prospective tenants become aware of their options when it comes to their property. Marketing is a very precise job and it needs to done by people who are excellent at it. Having been in the industry for four years and counting, you won’t people a company more reliable than Rental Management Australia.