If you are a property owner and do not have the skill and time to self-manage your properties, then you better find yourself a good property manager. Property management in Perth offers their services for a varied property management in Perth fees. Services provided could also vary from administrative, management as well as maintenance of the property. The question is what are the usual services and their corresponding property management Perth fees?

Property Management

Advertisement costs, these are costs incurred for tools and strategies used to entice tenants into renting your property. These tools could be print or media or any other marketing strategies that is effective for tenant searching. 

Next is the cost for setting up the rental property. This property management Perth fees is oftentimes paid upfront and this would cover services like looking for tenants, and legal and paperwork needed for the rental property.

The third one is the commission. This is a monthly fee for property managers. You may opt to may this using a fixed rate or a percentage rate. Percentage rate is dependent upon the monthly rental cost of the property and a fixed percentage will be set beforehand, mostly between 5 to 10%.

And there is also the maintenance cost. These are costs that would cover the maintenance of the property. Anything incurred to repair or maintain your property is part of the maintenance cost.

These are the common property management in Perth fees that you have to consider once you opt for a property manager to oversee you rental property. And in truth, what you will spend for your property manager is incomparable to what you will actually gain once you have a property manager. Rental Management Australia offers quality services for a very reasonable property management in Perth fees. Call us today!