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Here at Rental Management Australia, we have over $5 billion dollars worth of real estate entrusted nationally and just over 80 staff across Australia. RMA boasts one of the longest-standing reputations for high performance in the industry. Much of our success has come from word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients.

Our services are diverse and support property owners and tenants (so we can foster the best relationship possible). Quality property management helps owners to save time and build wealth. Renting out your property can be an involved and time-consuming process – conducting inspections, finding the right tenants, and maintaining the property means continual work. At RMA, we strive to alleviate all the effort and stress and deliver the best return on investment.


Residential property management services

We manage residential properties across Australia in diverse areas, each with a different demographic and target audience. Whether it’s a house, apartment, townhouse, duplex, or anything in-between, RMA has experience bringing owners and tenants together. Our tenant screening process is stringent, methodical and designed to bring in long-term, reliable tenants. Additionally, tenants benefit from a property management company that’s attentive and reliable, with exemplary communication.

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Commercial property management services

RMA provides commercial property management services to a variety of clients. Commercial properties can be offices, storefronts or even warehouses. They have the potential to provide excellent investment returns over time. We work to pair up your commercial property with the ideal business owner. Together, both your investment and their business can thrive.

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Rental appraisals

RMA offers free rental appraisals, a critical property management service for determining how much rent you should be charging. Property market trends and projections are fluid and require continual assessment. Our property specialists are industry experts who assess every aspect of your residential or commercial building and calculate a competitive and fair price. 

Rent that’s too low means you’re not maximising your investment. On the other hand, if the advertised rent is too high, you’ll struggle to find tenants and lose money on your investment in that process (it may also lead to high tenant turnover rates). RMA’s Property Managers use their expertise in all things real estate to conduct rental appraisals that help you get the most out of your property.

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Rental listings

RMA creates optimised rental listings to attract the very best tenants to your property. First impressions are always important, so we make them count for prospective renters. After getting to know your property inside and out, we craft an enticing rental listing. Meticulous care is taken in the crafting of the advertisement. We also have a range of platforms where we publish the ad, ensuring that it maximises its target audience. 


Selecting the best tenants

Tenant selection is one of the most crucial aspects of property management. Quality, reliable tenants are the goal for any homeowner. You want whomever you’re letting into your home to take good care of it, and so do we. Any prospective tenants undergo a rigorous screening process where we deep dive into their background. Our rental history checks let us know if a prospective tenant has been a troublemaker. We also examine each tenant’s financial and criminal history, ensuring we have a comprehensive picture of prospective tenants. Alongside our assessments of an individual’s documentation and history, we meet them for face-to-face home opens and walk-throughs. Our property agents have developed excellent intuition through their experience, allowing them to get a strong read on tenants they meet in person.


Helping tenants find rentals

RMA is dedicated to helping prospective tenants find their perfect rentals. Finding a rental can sometimes be frustrating, such as missing out on a property you wanted. Therefore, we aim to make the process as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Tenants can freely browse our available properties, find one that suits them and apply quickly without wasting time. Our property listings have filters so you can search using criteria like the number of bedrooms or whether pets are allowed so that you can bring your furry friends. We take care of both sides when uniting tenants and property owners.


Rental Paperwork

Nobody likes paperwork, so RMA takes care of it for homeowners as part of our property management services. 

Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy agreements are critical documents for rental properties. A tenancy agreement sets the terms of your tenant’s stay at the property, which can make or break the time they spend there. There are important factors to consider, like the amount of rent, how often payments are being made and any rules you want tenants to follow while they’re living in your property. RMA knows what to include or exclude in a tenancy agreement, saving you future stress. We have helped countless homeowners write up suitable agreements, and we can do the same for you. 

Bond Lodgement

Bond lodgement provides you with an added level of security and peace of mind. The bond provides a financial buffer, so you don’t have to stress as much about potential repairs. If your tenants cause damage to the property during their stay, you won’t need to pay for repairs out of pocket. Bond lodgement involves filling out a form and sending it off to be filed with a bond administrator.

RMA even offer the flexibility (for tenants) but security (for homeowners) with RentBond which offers up to 21 days interest free on rent bond finance.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is a must for avoiding liability and dealing with any unforeseen circumstances that may pop up. Depending on the policies included, your insurance covers you for a range of different situations. That’s where RMA comes in. We communicate with our clients to determine the policies for their needs and find the most reliable insurance provider. This mitigates liability, loss of rental income or property damage while their investment remains safe and sound. 

For more information, read out article Do I Need Landlord Insurance?.


Rental payments

The Property Managers at RMA oversee rental payments during every step of the process. We are continually in contact with tenants to ensure a streamlined payment process. All records of payments for rent and bills are kept in the tenant ledger, so you are free to browse them at your convenience when you want to double-check anything. We can even advise on the best rent amount to charge.


Property inspections

Regular property inspections are essential to keeping your property in top condition. When a tenant moves into your property, RMA creates a property condition report to record a property’s state before the tenancy. When we conduct our property inspections, we keep a keen eye out for anything that is not in line with the property condition report. Our experienced property agents take photos and carefully examine the home to highlight any irregularities. We will let you know if there is anything you need to know about, including repairs. At RMA, we believe that full transparency with our clients is the key to a healthy partnership.


Property maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital for a property to remain in good condition over time. But maintenance is time-consuming and not always convenient when you live a busy life. That’s why we offer it as one of our property management services. Our well-trained property agents frequently check your property and ensure it’s tidy, presentable, and in fantastic working order. If any repairs are necessary, we call on our extensive network of tradespeople who fix things promptly and effectively. In addition, tenants can log any maintenance needed through our online form, giving them 24/7 support. 


Tenant support

RMA knows how important it is to support the tenants living in rental properties. We’re always in touch to make sure everything is running smoothly. If tenants have any issues to report, they know they can contact us to resolve the situation quickly and effectively. Additionally, we have an online portal for existing tenants to use for information and services


Bill review service

RMA can help save you money with our bill review service. Our property agents have an excellent grasp of the utility market and want to use that knowledge to benefit you. We look through your utility bills, like electricity and water, to find the best deals. We never want you to spend more than you have to, and we offer this service for free to help you maximise your investment return.


Investment information

RMA has a treasure trove of helpful information about the property market to share with our clients. Whether you’re new to the property market or a seasoned investor, we’ll have relevant industry information.

Our news section contains helpful articles to help you learn about the property market and the nuances of property investment. It’s an excellent resource for maximising your investments.  

RMA also produces That Property Podcast, hosted by RMA CEO Andrew Graham. This informative and entertaining show helps you to keep abreast of the property market by hearing from some of the most respected experts in the industry. We release this all for free, so make sure you take advantage. 


Online portal

RMA’s website contains a handy online portal that owners and tenants can access for our various services. 

Through the portal you can:

  • View past payments in the tenant ledger.
  • Pay rent.
  • Submit maintenance requests.
  • Apply for rental properties.
  • View income reports.





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