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5 spots in your home you may be forgetting to clean

  • by Admin
  • 25 October, 2022

It’s the advice you need but may not want to hear. What parts of the home are you forgetting to clean or constantly putting off? These may not always be front of mind, but there can be subsequent hygiene issues associated with them.


Most carpets get vacuumed, and benches get wiped, but for every table that gets a wash after dinner, there’s an equally-as-deserving ceiling fan that has been gathering dust for years, allowing dust mites to spread throughout your room.


Here are some of the most commonly ignored parts of the home that deserve some attention.


Let’s start with the walls and skirtings

Walls get dusty the same way anything else gets dusty. In many instances it can be hard to notice if a wall is dirty if there are no distinct marks. Do you leave your windows open or live in a high traffic home with pets, kids, or roommates? If so, there’s a high chance you have dirty paw prints, kid muck or worse smeared across your walls. 

The worst areas for dirt growing on walls are near doors, hallways and especially any walls that are next to beds. Cleaning skirtings can put your body in an awkward position and can be time consuming, but it’s easy to ensure they are clean. Simply use a damp cloth, that you are repeatedly washing or replacing.


The places you cannot see

It’s easy to forget all the places you cannot see, including the top of cabinets, ceiling fans, picture frames and light fixtures. Use a chair, stool, or ladder to reach those hard-to-get places with a duster or cloth.


Tip for Cleaning Ceiling Fans: Use a pillowcase to encase each fan section and pull off all the dust so it stays in the pillowcase.


Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Tools

By cleaning your cleaning tools regularly, it will allow them to do the work they are intended for; cleaning. No point using dirty grimy mops and vacuums as they will only spread bacteria around.


Always rinse out your sponges and buy new ones on a regular basis. Ensure your vacuum cleaner and mop accessories are cleaned and emptied and after every use, mop heads and scrubbing brushes should be cleaned with hot water and disinfectant cleaner.


Door Handles and Light Switches

These are areas we use and see every day but constantly forget about. If you think about the number of times, you touch just one light switch, or open a door, you realise how much cleaning they should need.


Window and Door Tracks

It can be difficult to effectively reach all the dirt when cleaning window and door tracks. Sometimes a vacuum with the correct head can reach and get majority of the grime. However, in most cases there is always some dirt left behind that can really only be reached by you and a wipe.

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