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5 ways to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your rental

  • by Admin
  • 23 January, 2023

Making a rental property more attractive can sometimes feel challenging if you are focused on the aspects you cannot change. However, there are endless ways to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a home you are renting that are often inexpensive and easy to implement! Below are five top tips for actions you can take to transform your rental into a home.



Lighting can be used to determine the mood and energy of a room through the choice of bulb brightness, type of lighting (spotlights, wall lights or lamps) and the positioning.


  • Layer your lighting. Having different light sources across varying levels creates ambience and interest in a room.
  • Choose the bulb carefully. A bulb with lower wattage and a warmer tone creates a relaxed and calm atmosphere perfect for an at-home movie evening.
  • Learn to love lamps. Table and floor lamps are multifunctional in creating the desired type of light needed for different rooms whilst contributing to the overall interior style.


Plants and Greenery: 

Greenery and plants invite vitality and life into a room whilst providing proven benefits for physical and mental health.


  • Some types of house plants can aid the removal of toxins and clean the air such as snake plants.
  • Houseplants reduce stress by increasing your connection to nature and the outside world.
  • The wide variety of plant style adds character, colour, texture, and scent to a room.
  • Many types of houseplants are inexpensive and require minimal maintenance.


Meaningful Accessories: 

Small changes that make a BIG difference are your best friend when transforming a rental. Do not underestimate the power of soft furnishings such as throws, cushions, decorative vases, and ornaments.


  • Learn to layer cushions and throws to create texture and volume on beds and sofas making them more inviting and comfortable for guests.
  • Decorative vases, candle holders and trinket dishes elevate a minimalistic design by making a space feel more lived-in and homely without appearing cluttered.
  • Second-hand sources are a great idea when decorating a rental property on a budget. Facebook marketplace and Etsy are great for discovering preloved gems.


Engage the Senses: 

Candles, incense, sage, diffusers, room spray. The options are endless, so there is no excuse for your home to smell fusty or stagnant. Engaging the senses makes your rental property more attractive beyond visual aesthetics, creating a safe and comforting atmosphere. Scents can also be tailored to create specific moods or energies depending on the type of fragrance.


  • Fresh, citrus scents such as lemon, grapefruit and mandarin are great for boosting energy and productivity for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Lavender and chamomile provide a calming, relaxing atmosphere ideal for creating an environment that encourages a good night's sleep. 


Take Pride in your Home: 

Look after your property as if you own it. Keeping your space clean, tidy, and organised creates a calmer space that is more comfortable to live in. Concentrating on the aspects that you do have control over will enable you to create a home that feels like you. This in turn brings you a sense of achievement and happiness.


  • Invest in good quality, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Ensure you have adequate storage throughout the property so that your belongings have a home in the house and are not left lying around.
  • Purchase a ‘magic eraser’ that allows you to easily remove pesky marks from walls and surfaces.

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