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6 Quick and Inexpensive Landlord-Approved Tricks for making your Rental House a Home

  • by Admin
  • 15 July, 2021

From beige walls to a generic kitchen, rental properties can present some true style challenges. When it comes to making changes, many tenants believe their decorating options are limited. Not so, says RMA CEO Andrew Graham.


“Ultimately landlords want tenants who will care for their property like it’s their own,” he says.  “Taking pride in a home is an investment in the tenant’s happiness, as well as the look of the property. It’s win-win all around.”


Ready to take the plunge? Here are some lease-friendly and affordable changes to make that won’t affect your bond, or relationship with your Property Manager and Landlord.


Bathroom refresh

Even the smallest change to a bathroom can make a big statement visually. Add colour easily with plush bath towels, lush green plants, and beautifully packaged toiletries for a sanctuary you will want to spend time in.


Kitchen makeover

As the heart of the home, the kitchen should not only be functional but stylish too. Add a colourful print and crisp tea towels, and upgrade your old appliances for new, like a brightly coloured blender or stainless-steel toaster. Design-led everyday items are guaranteed to give your old kitchen a contemporary edge.


‘Unhang’ art

Put down your nails and hammer, and ‘unhang’ some art instead. Leaning art against walls or displaying along shelving looks contemporary and won’t damage walls. Showcase a single artwork, arrange in clusters, or overlap various sizes and surround with potted plants. The options are endless.


Lay down rugs

Protect wooden floors or hide ugly vinyl, tiling or carpet with beautifully woven rugs. Go big! A smaller room doesn’t necessarily need a little rug. Laying a larger one in a confined space adds a sense of drama. It can also be an investment piece as you can take the rug when you leave. 


Light up

Nothing adds ambience like lighting. Double up on lamps for a cosy glow and dispel dark corners with pendant bulbs or a large floor lamp. Decorative and useful, a floor light can change a room in an instant. Look for streamlined shapes that fit most spaces and have a small footprint. Lightweight and portable, they are the ideal option for small-space living.


Create bench space

A kitchen island is always highly sought after, but if your kitchen is small, a butcher’s block on legs is ideal and an investment item you can keep. The countertop provides extra surface space while the shelves below add much-needed storage. And if you don't have space to float one island-style, place it against the wall or tuck in a corner.


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