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7 Winter Cleaning Tips to Transform Your Home into a Clean and Cosy Haven.

  • by Admin
  • 5 July, 2023

7 Winter Cleaning Tips to Transform Your Home into a Clean and Cosy Haven.


Transforming your home into a haven of cleanliness and warmth begins with putting on your cleaning gloves. Embracing a proper winter cleaning routine becomes essential. Discover our 7 cleaning tips below and learn how to enhance your living space even further.


  1. Clean your radiators: As we rely on heating to stay warm, it is crucial to give your radiators a comprehensive cleaning to eliminate any concealed dust. An effective trick is to use a damp cloth and a vinegar-based cleaner to wipe down the radiator. Remember to dry it thoroughly to enjoy a warm and cosy home.

  1. Clean your curtains and shutters: Curtains accumulate various pollutants such as pollen and traffic fumes. It is recommended to wash your curtains in the washing machine at least twice a year. To prevent them from becoming wrinkled, it is advisable to hang your curtains whilst they are still damp.

  1. Look out for hidden germs: When it comes to cleanliness, it's important not to overlook areas that could potentially harbour bacteria, such as remote controls, door handles, and laptops. These are often neglected when it comes to cleaning, but it's worth noting that viruses can persist on these objects for weeks. To maintain their cleanliness, utilise a disinfectant or a cleaning solution containing vinegar.

  1. Clean out the fridge: To prevent your fridge from becoming cluttered and untidy, give it a thorough cleaning. Begin by transferring all the food from your fridge into insulated cool bags. Then, wash and rinse the fridge drawers, doors, and shelves using lukewarm soapy water. While it may seem overwhelming, experts advise cleaning the fridge four times a year. A useful tip is to schedule your cleaning on the same day as your grocery shopping, ensuring that the fridge is nearly empty.

  1. Give your mirrors some love: If you desire to maintain the pristine shine of your mirrors, there's a simple trick. While there are numerous effective glass cleaners on the market, you can create your own streak-free spray using lemon juice or white vinegar. Just combine your chosen ingredient with water in a spray bottle, apply the mixture to the mirror, and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. In no time, your mirrors will be sparkling and glossy.

  1. Get the dust out of your carpets: Neglected cleaning of carpets can lead to the accumulation of dust, dirt, bacteria, and pet hair. To fully relish the cosy and soft sensation beneath your feet during winter, it is essential to clean your carpets thoroughly. For larger carpets or rugs, consider shaking them outdoors over a fence at least 2-4 times a year.

  1. Clean your windows: To ensure a clear view, give your windows a thorough cleaning using a damp cloth. Begin by cleaning the window frame, eliminating any cobwebs or dust. Then, proceed to clean the actual window surface. Finally, dry everything off with a kitchen cloth to prevent water stains from forming.

By implementing these 7 effective cleaning strategies, you can effortlessly elevate your home into a sanctuary of pristine cleanliness and warmth, taking your living space to new heights of comfort. If you're interested in exploring more on this topic, we also have a blog post on how to create the perfect cosy home for winter that you might find useful.
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