Tips on How to Find a Good Tenant

One of the challenges of having a rental property is to find a good tenant and then to keep them. It is not easy to find a tenant who pays rent on time and takes good care of your property. The entire procedure that you have to go through can be a bit tough and exhausting, but with the right property management Perth company, you will only have to sit back and relax. Hiring a property manager should not be an ‘option’ but a ‘necessity’, especially if you know that in the end the results are beneficial to you. With a property manager on your side, you can be at ease knowing that you won’t have to worry about extended vacancy problems.

However, even with a property manager, choosing a good tenant takes a careful implementation of the entire process. So the first part of the process is advertising. It could be in any form of media just as long as it is efficiently getting through your market.

As soon as your advertising efforts are paying off, potential tenants will start coming in. Before interviewing all potential tenants, it would be best if you sort through all the application and filter the ones that are obviously not going to pass your standards. Whatever is left of the applicants, you then send them to the next step, which is the interview.

The interview is where you get the chance to really know your potential tenant. Ask as many questions as you want, but make sure you ask the right questions. In this stage, it is better to conduct the interview, one applicant at a time rather than doing an open house wherein all applicants come at once. If you do this, you may not be able to get the chance to really know who you’re dealing with. Once you’ve chosen your top potential tenants, it would be much better if you can ask them a contact number of their previous landlord. Probably the best source of information about your potential tenant is from their previous landlords.

Now that you have your tenant, keeping them happy is your next task. What better way to keep a good tenant than to provide them a home that is both comfortable and efficient. Make sure that you do your responsibilities diligently. As long as your tenant is happy and satisfied, you are guaranteed to minimise your turnover rate.

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