Property management: Inspections

If you own an investment property and are currently (or planning) to lease it out, it's important to understand the value of property inspections. Property inspections are important for both the tenant and the property owner. Therefore, your property management Perth based company should carry out out these regular inspections. This is to ensure that both parties (landlords and tenants) are protected from any disputes regarding the conditions of the house. Now, let's see which property inspections are required and what the scope of each inspection is.

Inspection Before Moving In.

This inspection is done before the tenant moves into the property. During this inspection, the tenant must be present and it should be documented. Things around the property that the tenant considers as an issue should documented; it could be considered as a deduction from the security bonds at the end of the contract or the tenant can ask you to have it repaired.

Regular Inspections.

If you’re managing the property yourself, this inspection must be initiated by you and it should be conducted on a regular basis. If you are using a property management Perth company (like us!), this is part of our regular to-do list. The ideal frequency of a regular inspection is at least 4 times in a year or every 3 months. This inspection will give you the chance to observe any issues that may have been caused by your tenants as well as issues that you need to take care of.

Inspection at the End of the Contract.

This is done at the end of a tenant’s contract. You should inspect the overall condition of the property before and after the tenant leaves. Do this with the tenant present so that if there are any issues that you found, they will not be able to deny it.

At Rental Management Australia, property management Perth based company, we do these inspections. You have the assurance and peace-of-mind that your property is well maintained. If you have another property management company and don't know if and when they conduct these important inspections, give us a call and we would be happy to take care of you.

Also, make sure that all inspections conducted are documented so that in case of disputes, you will have a concrete evidence to back you up. Here at Rental Management Australia, we have MYproperty - an online portal for our property investor landlords. If you have a property under management by us, you can log in any time, 24/7, and see all of the latest information about your property, meticulously documented.