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Rental Management Australia introduces mental health awareness program

  • by Admin
  • 19 August, 2021

WA-owned Rental Management Australia (RMA) has introduced a new mental health awareness program with Black Swan Health, to support their 85 national property managers with the mounting pressures they endure.

Dealing with an individual’s most valuable asset, as well as a tenants housing needs, can create a high-stress environment for a property manager.

Recent reports from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) estimate that 30% of the industry have left since the pandemic started last March.

Even before the pandemic hit, studies showed that property managers were at a higher risk of mental health challenges than the wider population.

Statistics from 2018-2019 revealed that over 55% of property professionals experienced anxiety frequently. Around 20% had no time to enjoy their personal life.

More pressure than ever before

Andrew Graham, CEO of RMA believes that tenants are more demanding towards property managers than ever before.

“With technology constantly adapting, the pace at which we communicate has skyrocketed, however, there is an expectation in property management that inquiries will be dealt with immediately, just like a text would,” said Mr Graham.

“15 years ago, this wasn’t the case, this demand of an instantaneous reply has increased the intensity of a property managers role, causing stress and hardship.”

Andrew Graham, RMA CEO

“Currently in society, it is vital that we protect our employees by addressing mental health and to help all our staff and their families maintain their wellbeing in an increasingly complicated world.

“That is why we want to ensure all staff have the ability to obtain confidential mental health support for themselves and their family, especially in these challenging times.”

The RMA wellness program is accessed through a national workplace app called Thriveit and powered by Black Swan.

The app allows each staff member to access four appointments with a mental health specialist. Family members are also able to use the sessions.

This wellness app has been designed to ensure that all staff can obtain confidential mental health support, especially in challenging times.

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