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The best guilt-free tips for juggling motherhood and work

  • by Admin
  • 6 May, 2021

In honour of Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner, we recognise the extraordinary women who form an integral part of the RMA team.

If there’s anyone in the workplace that understands how to prioritise and manage time seamlessly, it is these women who do it daily.

With studies showing that mothers spend more of their day than anyone else caring for others, we asked our RMA mums how they successfully navigate daily life.


“The key to surviving motherhood is to stay organised and have daily talks with teenage kids and husband to stay ahead of the game and to deal with any unexpected curve balls. It’s important to stay flexible and listen more than you talk.”

Merete Gorry, Property Manager, mother of two.

“Time is very precious for working mothers, so making the most of it at home is key. The best way to maximise time? Always be organised.”

Louise Withers, Property Manager, mother of one

“Communication is top priority for working mothers, so make sure you speak to each other openly and often. Make every moment count.”

Maria Van Der Merwe, Property Manager, mother of three.

“Be kind to yourself - not everything will get done in the timeframe you’d like it to – but it will get done because motherhood is a superpower. Don’t sweat the small stuff, unless the small stuff is your small children.  They don’t stay small for long, so every single moment is precious.” 

Maggie Petrie, Business Development Manager, mother of three.

“Stay organised and remember to take some time out for yourself.”

Vanessa Bryant, Office Manager, mother of three.

We all strive to be that woman, yet no matter who you are, the everyday struggles (and rewards) are real. Here are some insights and memories by some recognisable Australian mothers.


Here are some other quotes from busy multi-tasking Australian woman.

“Giving birth is just whoa! What I remember the most is the cry. When the baby is born, the cry penetrates on such a deep level and Keith says that, too. He goes, ‘What about that cry!’ And we actually did record our birth. So we’ve heard it back. And every time it jolts me back into the moment.”

Nicole Kidman

"I have a different type of awareness and respect for my body now. I'm not proud of being back in shape; what makes me proud is that he's healthy, because it means I'm being a good mother."

Miranda Kerr

“Motherhood teaches me humility. That my own needs should take a backseat. That I will sometimes behave in ways that aren't edifying and have to apologise to my children. That I don't know it all, or even much of it.”

Dr Susan Carland

"The struggle to do your best and multitasking - you're just plagued by guilt from day one.  You're always comparing yourself to other mothers. There are days when I feel I've just got it right down and then there are days in which you go, 'I wish I handled that better’. I just try to do my best." 

Naomi Watts 

'I'm not by any means a completely in-control parent. I definitely am trying to put out fires all the time. [Parenthood] doesn't come with a manual and no matter how many friends tell you stuff, nothing can really prepare you for it.” Rose Byrne

“My children have taught me I have limitations. It was infuriating and I resented them for it, but it probably saved my life.”

Meshel Laurie

“I have been completely undone by mothering. But the fragments return piece by piece, each of them changed.  ‘I would die for you’, I think, looking at my son. And perhaps I already have, a million times over. I'll take it again and again, just to know that love for a second more.”

Clementine Ford

Happy Mother’s Day from all at RMA.


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