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The pre-move checklist guaranteed to crush stress

  • by Admin
  • 3 November, 2021

Whether you're moving because you want a better house, a better deal, or a better neighbourhood, the excitement of a brand-new rental can be overrun by the stress of the move. Whilst panicking about packing, boxes, and the external part of moving, it's easy to forget the crucial pre-tenancy steps that need to be taken.

"It's easy to forget the little things that in the long run can become big issues," agrees RMA CEO Andrew Graham. "Moving day is also stressful for owners, so it's important to have a good Property Management company overseeing the process for both parties."

A thorough pre-move checklist not only relieves stress and protects you and your landlord, but helps set the tone for how the tenure will unfold.

The pre-move checklist ️ 

  1. Meet with your Property Manager and read through the pre-tenancy checklist. Ensure you're aware of any special conditions and ask lots of questions to have a clear idea of what is expected, including what happens if you fall behind in rent and the process for repairs and maintenance. "This is a crucial document that ensures tasks are more manageable and organised," says Andrew. "It also gives peace of mind to you and your landlord so you can relax knowing nothing will be missed, and the move is an exciting time."

  1. Read over your bond lodgement carefully and confirm the correct amount of bond to be paid. When you are happy with all details, approve and sign with a witness. Once the Property Manager has received the signed document, it is lodged through the Bonds Online platform and the keys are yours!

  1. Change the address on utility bills, including water, gas and electricity, to ensure seamless connection when moving in.

  1. Arrange a mail redirection from your previous address online or at your local post office.

  1. Check your local council website for rubbish and watering days.
  2. Update Electoral Roll and your local transport department.

  1. You will receive your Property Condition Report, an important document that protects both you and your owner. "It's an essential document that helps the owner by reducing liability risks due to disagreements related to bond disposal issues," says Andrew. "A thorough and detailed Property Condition Report is a priceless tool to ensure any damages left by vacating tenants are properly dealt with. It can also aid with liability for insurance issues."
  2. Check the report carefully, making detailed comments concerning the property's condition, then sign and return to the Property Manager within seven days of moving into the property.

  1. Update your contents insurance, including items like your furniture, TV and clothes. It ensures you are covered financially should something go wrong like a burglary, fire or flood.

  1. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours, then put your feet up, and enjoy your lovely new home.

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