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Tips for securing your home over the summer holidays

  • by Admin
  • 21 November, 2022

Summer holidays are fast approaching and unfortunately statistics show, that means an increase in crime over the Christmas period. Experts detail that this is a result of thieves taking the opportunity of the chaos of Christmas or due to the increase in your own purchases, but either way, we need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.


To ensure your peace of mind, here are some top tips for securing your home over the coming summer holidays.  



Make sure you have multiple locks on your doors. Simply having one isn't enough. Even having a deadbolt for when you are in the house is recommended. Make it a routine that at night you check that your home is completely locked up and safe. Buying locks for your windows as well is important. Stores such as Bunnings offer inexpensive options for window locks that are simple to install.  


Invest in alarms  

Locks are a great way to secure the entries to your home, but alarms can make them that much safer. The price ranges depending on the type of alarm you want, but you can even buy cheap alarms that go on your windows.  



Ensure that all possible points of entry into your home have lights shining on them. These lights don’t need to be constantly on, you can even buy motion sensor lights, but allowing you the opportunity to turn them on when you are going to be away for a night is important. The bright lighting could deter someone from breaking into your home.  


Don’t advertise your absence

While it’s tempting to post all your holiday snaps of the beach and Christmas celebrations on the socials, this broadcasts to everyone that you are away, and your home is empty. Ask a friend or a neighbour to clear your post box daily and water your plants.



Get to know your neighbours and decide whether you want to let them know you are going away. Whilst you can organise for family members or friends to check on your house every once in a while, it is safer to have those closest to the property to be keeping an eye out.  


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