RMA has experience bringing owners and tenants together

There is one concept that is undeniable in property investment.
Land is a finite supply. You simply cannot create any more of it.

This is how property ownership has generated wealth for thousands of owners for thousands of years. A real property owner is in it for the strategic long haul. That means assessing financing, supply and demand conditions, and leasing prospects.

The process

We believe in keeping things simple

Listing your property

Using the rental appraisal as a guide, RMA will create for you an optimised rental listing
to magnetise the very best tenants to your property.

First impressions are essential and our agents make them count. After getting to appreciate your property both inside and out, RMA will craft a compelling invitation bespoke to your rental listing. Meticulous care is taken in crafting these invitations.

In addition to the popular platforms RMA employs a range of publishing venues ensuring your property hits the marketing bullseye on every listing event.


We understand how anxious it is to have a new outsider take up residence in one of your most valuable assets. A property that’s currently vacant earns no income and this can aggravate an owner’s reception towards the necessary property marketing and leasing phases.

We realise how important it is for RMA to guide the owner in choosing a winner from the pool of unknowns. You see, a problem tenant is a problem not only for owners – but also for RMA. This is why at RMA we place great emphasis on screening applicants to ensure the people who we match to lease your property will cherish it as for it as if was their own.

As part of the screening process RMA will explore prospective tenants in a rigorous screening process where we deep dive into their rental history backgrounds - ensuring we exclude any troublemakers. We also explore the financial and personal criminal histories, ensuring we have a comprehensive picture of prospective tenants. After conducing these assessments RMA will meet the pre-selected applicants face-to-face during home opens and walk-throughs.

Rental appraisals

What’s a property worth?

Unlike a property sale a leasing arrangement is an arrangement that will endure dynamic shifts over time.

No owner wants risk property vacancy or feel pressured to accept a lease below market rates. At RMA, current and prospective owners enjoy complimentary appraisals. These free appraisals ensure owners have all the current information available to keep their properties occupied and always leased at the maximum market rates achievable.

Have you seen our
owner’s portal?

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Our Services

Below are some of the ways we assist our owners


Regular maintenance is vital for your property to remain in good condition to extend its useful lifetime. When there is a maintenance cost – don’t worry. As RMA is one of the largest independent agencies in Australia we own the library of the very best ancillary services providers. This means our owners enjoy preferred discounts on maintenance costs issues whenever they arrive – 24 hours a day.

Tenant support

Every investment property experience must meet the demands of both the owner and the tenant – before and after hours. This begins with RMA’s thorough tenant screening process which confirms a happy match between the two. After this match is confirmed, RMA provides tenants with a myriad of ongoing support services ensuring both parties have a library of costless resources to choose from.


Our expert agents frequently check up on your property ensuring its always kept tidy and marketable. During our periodic inspections we know how to identify and report about potential maintenance issues giving you repair options to consider before they become bigger problems.

Expert advice

While only the economy and government enjoy influence over policy and finance rates we at RMA are not immune of their impact on owners – rather we are acutely aware. Our expert staff are constantly tuned into RBA announcements, REIWA supply reports, and all the nitty gritty local market conditions that help pick the winners from the losers.

We place great emphasis on our screening process to ensure the people who live in your property will care for it like their own

Refer a friend & be rewarded

Want to recommend RMA to a friend? That’s great and we know how to say “thanks” too.

For every successful referral RMA will thank you with a $250 credit to your property management account.

Refer enough people in a year and you might get a surprise phone call from our CEO sharing the news that all of your property management fees will be paid for the whole year!


Some frequently asked questions from our owners

Both Landlord Protection Insurance and Building Insurance policies are essential for safeguarding your investment property.

Landlord Protection Insurance is essential because it provides coverage against rental income loss due to tenant-related issues, like unpaid rent, and it helps manage potential legal expenses related to eviction proceedings or liability claims. This insurance ensures that your investment continues to generate income shielding it from financial setbacks caused by tenant problems.

Building Insurance is equally vital as it covers the physical structure of your property, protecting your investment from potential damage due to events like fires, natural disasters, or vandalism. It provides you with the peace of mind that your property can be repaired or rebuilt without significant financial burden to you should unforeseen circumstances arise.

As the landlord you are responsible for the costs of water utility services which includes the annual service charge for water and sewerage. As the landlord you are also responsible for council rates and taxes related to the property. If your property is subject to strata levies, this will also be a cost you will need to factor in for your property.

Screening prospective tenants involves several essential steps. Applicants complete a detailed application form, including personal, financial, and rental history information. Credit and background checks assess creditworthiness and potential security concerns. Verification of income confirms their ability to afford rent. Reference checks provide insights into rental behaviour. Thorough tenant screening minimises risks and helps select responsible, reliable tenants for your property.

Please scroll below for a preview of the detailed checklist each tenant undergoes prior to any presentation we may make to you of their suitability.

  • Checks against the National Tenancy Database and Equifax for blacklisting, court judgements, bankruptcy, and any credit defaults by the tenant.
  • Identification verification, sourcing at least 2 photo ID documents, supported by a third government-issued identification document.
  • Rental affordability check using a rent-to-income ratio to check the weekly rent does not exceed acceptable ratios of net weekly income (take-home pay).
  • Employment reference checks to verify income, critical employment information, and a character reference from the employer.
  • Reference checks with their previous Property Manager or Landlord to verify rent payment history and the property condition during tenancy, as well as critical lease information to check that the applicant has been an honest, reliable, and responsible tenant in the past.
  • Verification of their previous tenancy ledger, showing rent payment history to verify rent payment behaviour during their entire previous tenancy.

Next, we’ll present you with a shortlist of one or more applicants (ranked in order of our recommendation) for your review and final approval.

Yes, as the landlord, you have the right to access your property, but this access must be done in accordance with the law in your relevant state and adhere to the terms of the lease agreement. Typically, you must provide reasonable notice to your tenants before entering the property for inspections, repairs, or other legitimate reasons, as specified by local landlord-tenant laws. This notice period can vary by location, so it's essential to be familiar with the regulations in your area and to maintain open communication with your tenants regarding access to the property.

It’s actually a lot easier than you may think, and it can be done even while your property is tenanted.

If you already have a property manager managing your investment property, we’ll take care of the entire process of switching over to RMA for you, including letting your current property manager know that you’ll be leaving. We’ll then arrange for a smooth transition to our service, and advise your existing tenants of the change so that we start collecting the rent.

Your previous agent may require a notice period. In the event that a notice period (typically 30 days) is required to be seen out, it’s no hassle – we book in the handover and take over seamlessly when the notice period is up.

The whole process is smooth and simple – your tenants won’t be inconvenienced in the slightest. Your current property manager is prohibited from charging you any surprise “exit” fees that are outside your contract.

We never charge you any fees for switching over to RMA. In the rare event your current agent tries to charge you an “exit” fee then just talk to us – RMA may simply get those fees waived for you. In the future should you decide to end your relationship with RMA we will never charge you any surprise “exit” fees outside our contract.

Tenants don’t play any part in selecting property managers – that is your right alone as you are the owner. We pride ourselves on making the switch to RMA effortless for everyone involved – and that includes any tenants. Any existing tenancy agreement is between you (as the property owner) and your current tenants. When you make the decision to move to RMA, we seamlessly commence managing the tenancy agreement on your behalf.

As we are a full-service property management agency, we take on the responsibility of communicating any changes to your tenants. This includes informing them that RMA has become their managing agent and point of contact for any leasing queries and questions.

At the end of a tenant's lease agreement, several options will become available. If both parties agree, the lease may be renewed, typically on similar terms. Alternatively, the tenant may choose to vacate, or the landlord may provide notice for eviction or lease termination, depending on the terms and local regulations.

If your tenant fails to pay the rent, the usual procedure involves initially communicating with the tenant to remind them of the overdue payment. If the tenant continues to neglect the rent, you can issue a formal "Breach of Agreement” or “Termination Notice” within the legal framework of your state. Typically, this notice would stipulate a specific timeframe for the tenant to either settle the unpaid rent or vacate the property. Should the tenant fail to adhere to this notice, legal action may become necessary to resolve the matter.

Right away. RMA is not going to sit on our hands and waste time when you could be collecting rent. If your property is looking great and ready to be photographed, we can generally organise a listing for your property across multiple online channels within 2 business days from the date you Join us.

You can just appoint us a day and time that our photographer and leasing team can gain access to your property. From there, we work our magic to make your property look and sound its very best, using professional imagery and well-written descriptions to help you stand out from the pack. We do this every day, so we’re skilled at providing our services promptly without sacrificing quality so you can maximize rent income on your property.

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