Bring your investment property to the property management experts and if you're not completely satisfied in the first three months, we will cancel your contract so you can engage another property manager, and refund your property management fee.*

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* Terms and Conditions

  1. You may remove your property management from Rental Management Australia for any reason within the first three months following signing of the rental management agreement without incurring any penalties or exit fees. (The three months is calculated as at the date of signing the agreement to the same date less one day, three months later.)
  2. Rental Management Australia will refund to you the total amount of the Property Management Fee collected from the date of signing the rental management agreement to the cancellation date.
  3. The Property Management Fee is the % of the rent amount collected as nominated in the rental management agreement in Clause 7.3 (b) (i).
  4. The rebate does not include any other charges levied during the period (for example: leasing fees, inspection fees etc.)
  5. In the event that the Property Management Fee is an 'all inclusive fee’ as noted in clause 7.3 (b) (ii) of the rental management agreement, the rebate will be 100% of the collected fee,  less the equivalent of two weeks rent IF Rental Management Australia has performed the services of leasing the property to a new tenant during the time of management..
  6. The rental management agreement must be entered into in good faith and be for a minimum term of 12 months.