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Some frequently asked questions from our owners

When taking possession of a rental property, both rent and bond must be paid as stipulated in your lease. Of course, rents vary, and your bond will be equivalent to four weeks rent. This is paid when you sign your tenancy agreement. It is then lodged with the government bonds office, and returned to you once you vacate the property. Should you breach your tenancy agreement, and it causes your owner to incur a loss, you may have to pay compensation which is deducted from your bond.

The owner is responsible for the costs of all utility services, this includes the annual service charge for water and sewerage. The landlord is also responsible for council rates and taxes related to the property. When you move in, it is your responsibility to connect gas, electricity, and internet in your name and pay for use of these services.Water usage will also be on charged to tenants for payment.

Occasionally, tenants will need to move out and you will need to find someone else to take their room. This is fine if your lease doesn't prohibit subletting or mentions exclusive occupancy. Many owners will require the subletter to meet the standard screening criteria and may deny unsuitable applications. If you plan on having long-term guests staying, discuss this with your Property Manager also who will speak with the owner. Ask for specifics on how they determine a long-term guest and be open to documenting them in the lease.

Many high-density suburbs require permits, so ensure you and your roommate's cars fit and meet the governmental requirements. Be wary of using visitor parking if you live in a complex as many strata companies have bylaws that prohibit this.

Some owners don't permit pets, but many others may consider them. Always ask permission before buying a new pet or signing a lease if you already own one. If you rent an apartment, we will need to ask permission from the body corporate, too. Some states have a pet bond that is required prior to approval.

If you need to break your lease early, you will be responsible for all expenses incurred by the property owner in finding a new tenant, and you will need to keep paying rent until your replacement is approved and signs their lease. Do not leave the property without notifying your Property Manager first, or you may lose your bond. This will also likely affect your rental history, making it difficult to qualify for new rentals in the future.

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