Bunbury Emergency Contacts

Please find our recommended after hours services for emergencies only.

Please note these are the emergency contacts if your property is managed by our office in South Perth. If your property is managed by our office in Port Kennedy please use the emergency contacts noted on the relevant web site page.

Please note, the following items are repairs which are considered an emergency;
  • Loss of power due to the circuit
  • (A loss of power due to an appliance tripping the RCD, is not a cost which will be incurred by the Owner. Please note, if a tenant appliance has tripped the RCD, the cost of repair will be incurred by the tenant.)
  • Gas Leak
  • Major water leaks (e.g. burst pipes)
  • Smashed windows or doors (e.g. break-ins), where the property has been left unsecured.)
** Any calls to our contractors which are not deemed an emergency, or are within usual business trading times, will result in the call out fee being charged to the tenant**

Electrical Emergencies

  • Laser Electrical - Phone: 0400 012 882 - Calwyn


Plumbing and Gas Emegencies

  • Eaton Plumbing - Phone: 0417 963 0177 - Bill
  • Fathers Plumbing - Phone: 0418 955 606 - Matt

Locksmith Emergencies

  • South West Locksmiths - Phone: 0400 798 987

Please note that if you have locked yourself out of the property or have lost your keys and need a locksmith to attend, you will be responsible for the payment of the invoice.

Glass Emergencies

  • Bunbury City Glass - Phone: (08) 9726 0656 -  Fiona
  • Australind Glass - Phone: 0407 414 010 - Jason

** Please note these contractors for glass emergencies may require payment prior to doing the work. If so, please keep the receipt/ invoice and give this to your Property Manager as soon as possible**

Please note that contractors are only to be called in an emergency, if a contractor is called out for any issues deemed not an emergency, the tenant may be liable for the cost of the visit.


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