Joondalup Out of Hours Contractors


  • No Power (Please call Western Power first to ensure it’s not an issue outside the boundaries of your property).  
  • No hot water if on Friday night or Saturday and hot water is electric  
  • RCD’s tripping (if due to faulty appliances it may be at your expense if an electrician is sent out)  
  • Safety Issues (i.e. Live unprotected wires etc.)  

Ph: 0405 033 700       

First Choice Electrics 
Ph: 9301 1333 



  • Gas Leaks  
  • No Water, Please call Water Corp first
  • No hot water 
  •  Blocked pipes
  • Blocked toilet (only if there is one toilet at the property)  
  • Severe water leak where mains is required to be turned off.  
  • Burst pipes  

2 Oceans
Ph: 0404 082 478   

Ph: 0412 902 101 

Ph: 9330 5786  



  • Windows or doors smashed where the security of the property has been compromised.  

Matta Glass
Ph: 0419 593 330

Prompt Glass 
Ph: 0411 872 938 



  • Burglary where the security of the property has been compromised  
  • If the key has snapped inside the lock  
  • If the barrel is broken 

JLS John 
Ph: 0411 550 205   

Ph: 9486 4848  

 If you have locked yourself out of the property or have lost your keys and need a locksmith to attend, you will be responsible for the payment of the invoice.


Please advise the supplier you are a tenant of Rental Management Australia when you ring them.