What is Property Management?

Owning a residential or commercial investment property can provide an outstanding supplementary source of income. However, with legislation and strict processes to follow, managing properties and tenants yourself can be stressful and time consuming. This is where a property manager enters the equation.


Benefits of Property Management with RMA

  • Expert advice: RMA works with you to ensure success from the start. This includes; determing the best rental rates, suggesting property improvements to maximise revenue & effective marketing of your property.  


  • Less Stress: With an RMA property manager in place, you can avoid dealing with middle-of-the-night emergecies, rent evaders, awkward evictions, and piles of paperwork.   


  • More Reliable Tenants: RMA property managers are experienced at screening tenants - a process that covers everything from background checks to examining an applicant's rental history and payment capabilities. The result: reliable tenants that will respect your property & pay rent on time. 


  • Fewer Possible Legal Problems: Nobody wants a lawsuit. With experience and knowledge in the Western Australian rental industry, RMA property managers are familiar with all legalities. We can foresee issues and avoid them completely, meaning less headaches for you. 


  • Smoother Rental Collection: RMA has tried-and-tested rental collection procedures in place to ensure you recieve your payment within the contractly specified time frame.


  • Better Tenant Retention: Regular, systematic management and contact with tenants eases their worries and increases their level of satisfaction with their living arrangements. Satisfied tenants means long renting times. 

Why Choose  RMA

Choosing a property management firm can seem like a high-risk decision; but it doesn't have to be. Here at RMA, we are specialised in property management services - so our attention is solely focused on you, your property and your tenant. By choosing to specialise, we have become incomparable in our level of dedication and attention to detail. 

Why Not Manage It Myself?

Managing a property is more intricate than it first appears. Not only will you require a thorough knowledge on WA property laws, but you have to consider everything from tenant background checks to mandatory property improvements. It's understandable that property management often becomes a time-heavy job for many investors - a major problem when they have another, full-time career to attend too! 

When you entrust management of your property to us, you have peace of mind that the job is being done correctly. 

Ready To Join Us?

Whether you are currently managing your own property, looking to replace your current property manager, or are looking for somebody trustworthy to do the job, we can help. Get in contact today and if you aren't compeltely satisified within the first three months, we will cancel your contract and refund your fees so you are free to leave.*

*terms and conditions apply. 

Happy client

I have 2 investment properties in Busselton which were previously and significantly mis-managed by an Agency located in Dunsborough. I was fortunate to hear about RMA and transferred both of my properties to their care several months ago and could not be more delighted! As I am based in Perth it is critical that I can trust my...
Marg Doheny, North Perth

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