Jessie Bailey

About Me

With a decade experience in the Real Estate industry, Jessie absolutely loves the people at RMA and describes her team as family.  She not only is the Officer in Effective Control in the VIC office but also manages her team of 12 and a large portfolio of properties which she enjoys as it keeps her relevant and up to date with everything happening in the Property Management world; so she can manage her team effectively.


Jessie loves that every day in this role is different and brings a new challenge. Her favourite part of the job is the relationships she builds with the tenants/owners and tradesman. Her plumber that she uses is the same she has had since she first started in the Property Management industry 10 years ago!


Working in Property Management can come with its good and bad days but she loves how RMA have an important focus on mental health. She has worked in offices around the world and has never had as much support as she has had here at RMA. In her previous places of work, the staff retention rate was only 9 months. Here at RMA we have members of the team that have been with the company for 7 years!


When she’s not managing her portfolio of properties or undertaking her officer duties, Jessie is a very busy woman with 2 kids under 3! She loves family time and going to Warrnambool on the weekends to ride horses.


We love having Jessie as part of the team.


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