Property Management Aspley

Property Management Aspley


RMA specialises in property management in the Queensland area of Aspley and its surrounding suburbs of Fitzgibbon, Taigum, Boondal, Zillmere, Carseldine, Geebung, Chermside, Stafford, McDowall and Bridgeman Downs. We work to connect homeowners with the perfect tenants for their properties. 

We’re a national award-winning property management company that has been entrusted with more than $4 billion worth of real estate. Our aim is to make the rental process as hassle-free as possible for homeowners. We provide a comprehensive service that deals with tasks such as finding tenants, tenant background checks, tenant credit checks, rent collection, property maintenance and legal paperwork.

A quality property management company should make it easy to get the most out of your property. We take responsibility for finding the right tenants, maintaining your property and dealing with all the paperwork so you can enjoy the benefits of your rental income and focus on other aspects of life!

Our Aspley team has extensive experience in the area and surrounding suburbs and is attuned to the latest trends and fluctuations of the market. 


Our rental management services include:


We pride ourselves on transparent and open communication, high interpersonal and organisational skills, and exceeding expectations through performance. 

RMA’s Aspley team handles all matters concerning laws, codes of conduct and the necessary paperwork for each property. We specialise in leasing residential and commercial properties and have experience in a wide range of locations and markets. 

About the areas


Property management in Aspley

The Queensland suburb of Aspley was established in 1842, making it one of the foundational suburbs of Brisbane. Originally named North Chermside, the history of the area means Aspley isn’t one of those suburbs that’s packed with new developments – there’s a range of real estate and architectural styles for everyone. Research shows that the majority of Aspley residents are middle-aged couples and families. The area boasts a high number of three-bedroom, freestanding houses; in essence, the quintessential family home. Real estate in Aspley has been selling faster than the median rate for Brisbane, as more Queenslanders are drawn to the benefits of living in a family-friendly, established suburb. 


Property management in Fitzgibbon

Fitzgibbon is a small, scenic suburb within Queensland. Since being subdivided for residential use in the 1980s, it has been a popular area for families. Fitzgibbon contains many public parks for its small size and offers useful amenities for day-to-day living. Currently, smaller houses in Fitzgibbon are selling as fast as ever. Many Queenslanders are choosing to downsize when moving to the suburbs and keep a cosy family home. 


Property management in Taigum

Taigum’s roots go deep into the history of Queensland. While Taigum was only recognised as its own suburb in 1975, the Taigum area has been around since 1853. Many older churches remain from this time and provide a valuable piece of heritage for religious families and history enthusiasts alike. Units and medium-sized houses with three bedrooms are popular in Taigum, as they give residents a great balance between space and affordability.


Property management in Boondall

Boondall is a nature-rich suburb of Queensland, full of outdoor activities. It is home to the Boondall wetlands, a protected area that provides a habitat to a broad range of native animals. Its historical heritage compliments its natural bounty. Historic bridges, churches and schools in the area can be great to visit for retirees or young families in the area. Larger families have flocked to Boondall and contributed to the increased sale of five bedroom houses in the area. 


Property management in Zillmere

Originally called Zillman’s Waterholes, Zillmere has a special place in the history of Queensland. For years it was an area known for its farmland and churches. Over time, it has evolved into an area that blends industrial and suburban zones. Zillmere is an employment hub for many, making it ideal for young professionals wanting to live close to work. They are also able to enjoy Zillfest, a multicultural festival held yearly. Houses are selling quickly, with smaller houses being popular for young professionals hoping to avoid excess space. 


Property management in Carseldine

Carseldine was established in 1975, making it a more recent edition for Queensland’s suburbs. The suburb has quickly gained popularity, with houses of all sizes selling faster than most suburbs in Brisbane. The area has many charming public parks for strolling through on a nice day. This appeals to many middle-aged couples looking to slow down their lifestyle.


Property management in Geebung

Geebung is a Queensland suburb with a variety of appealing features. There’s natural beauty to appreciate through its public parks or cultural significance to appreciate through its many old churches. Fossil discoveries have put Geebung on the map in recent years. Three and four bedroom houses are quite prevalent and have attracted a good number of couples and families. 


Property management in Chermside

Chermside is a Queensland suburb that took off thanks to post-war housing development. It grew popular as a gold-rush town in the 19th century before the shift towards suburban living. Nowadays, its array of amenities includes large shopping centres, cinema complexes and hospitals. This has made the area popular with young professionals in Queensland, who opt mainly for units and apartments. 


Property management in Stafford

Queensland's suburb of Stafford was founded in the late 19th Century under the name Happy Valley. It’s a residential area full of Queenslander style homes.  It has attracted many families looking for smaller houses. They are able to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of  public parks and water reservoirs in the area. 


Property management in McDowall

Nature and suburban living find a lovely balance in the Queensland suburb of McDowall. Indigenous plant life and greenery can be found in the Raven Street Reserve. This bushland area is a popular attraction for young couples looking to appreciate native wildflowers and trees on their own or with the kids. McDowall is great for those interested in spacious living, with four bedroom houses being the choice of most residents. 


Property management in Bridgeman Downs

Bridgeman Downs gives Queensland residents a suburb that blends suburban and rural living. Spacious four bedroom houses with high acreages are plentiful and hold the appeal of sprawling fields as backyards. The inconveniences of rural living are avoided thanks to several shopping centres in the vicinity. Houses and units of all sizes are selling at a historic rate, with middle aged couples leading the charge. Many Queenslanders appreciate the less urban appeal of Bridgeman Downs.


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