Raising vital funds for cancer research

Our RMA branches have once-again committed to celebrate the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday 23rd May 2019.

The Biggest Morning Tea helps to raise vital funds for cancer research, prevention and support services.

RMA began supporting the cause in 2016. Below Sam Griffin National Training Manager explains why the cause is so important. 

"Whether a close friend or family, or a neighbour, colleague or relative everyone is touched by the horrors of cancer," said Sam.

"Each year all the branches participate, however we raise funds as one."

Previously we have invited all of our contractors and the team members to take a proper morning tea break during the 1 hour time frame. It's always a nice change."

One of the essential support services RMA assist by hosting a Biggest Morning Tea is the 13 11 20 cancer information and support line. Last year, the Cancer Nurses received 7855 contacts to 13 11 20.

Without the money raised at all the morning teas, thousands of people reaching out for help and support would go unanswered.

"Last year we raised over $1,200 and with the help of our new Joondalup and Werribee Offices, we hope to smash this figure out of the park."