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Navigating the Competitive Leasing Landscape with Julia Rickards, Leasing Executive at RMA

  • by Admin
  • 20 June, 2023

In this week's episode of That Property Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Julia Rickards, one of Rental Management Australia’s experienced Leasing Executives. Julia takes us on her captivating real estate journey, unravelling the path that led her to become a leasing executive. She dives into the essential characteristics that define a successful leasing executive and highlights the significance of implementing effective systems and processes in the leasing process. Julia breaks down the crucial steps involved in leasing and sheds light on the elements that make a strong application stand out.

During our conversation, Julia discusses the common challenges and obstacles encountered in the leasing process, providing listeners with valuable strategies to overcome them. With her expertise, she also sheds light on the complexities of managing multiple applications and how the leasing process handles such situations.

Furthermore, Julia offers us a glimpse into the current rental and housing markets, where she explains the prevailing tight vacancy rates across the country and shares her daily experiences navigating this expansive market. Julia leaves us inspired by providing insights into emerging trends and upcoming developments in the world of property leasing.

Tune into this episode as Julia Rickards takes us on an informative and insightful journey through the realm of real estate and beyond.


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