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Overcoming Adversity and Empowering Financial Literacy with Sarah Wells

  • by Admin
  • 4 May, 2023

On this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Sarah, a highly experienced finance industry professional with an impressive track record of success in leadership and board positions spanning over 20 years. Sarah has made significant contributions to the industry by helping brokers establish and run profitable practices through her expertise in coaching, strategic advisory, and governance.

Aside from her professional pursuits, Sarah is also actively involved in various organisations such as MFAA, Parkerville Children and Youth Care INC, Swimming WA, and WCFF. She is a finance commentator for Channel Nine and frequently represents brokers and the industry on podcasts.

During our conversation, Sarah shares her perspective on how we can improve financial literacy and empower more people to take control of their finances. She strongly advocates for inclusive and accessible financial education that caters to individuals from all walks of life.

We delve into the topic of property investing and common pitfalls to avoid while building a property portfolio. Sarah provides useful tips on how to minimise risks and increase the chances of success in this field

Moreover, Sarah highlights the importance of financial education in schools and offers suggestions on how it can be improved. She also shares an inspiring story of a client who transformed their financial situation with her guidance.

In addition, Sarah discusses a challenging situation she encountered in her career as a financial expert and how she overcame it. She also provides valuable advice for those embarking on their journey towards financial independence.

Overall, this episode is a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking insights into overcoming adversity, financial literacy, and building a successful property portfolio.

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