RMA thank their WA Suppliers

Last month and in a bid to ensure that their kitchen taps were repaired before their daughters first birthday party, RMA tenants rang their Property Manager to ensure a plumber would be put on the job.

Our South Perth Property Manager Lorinda Wulff immediately called Browns Plumbing who have regularly assisted RMA for over five years. 

Lorinda explains why Browns Plumbing is a preferred RMA WA supplier. 

“I called Browns Plumbing the day of the party, and they attended later that morning replacing the taps with time to spare. The tenant was extremely happy and her daughter was able to enjoy a beautiful first birthday with functional kitchen taps to help with the clean-up,” she said.

Leon Brown, Owner of Browns Plumbing comments on the relationship they have with RMA.

“Browns Plumbing has had a longstanding professional relationship with RMA. We love working with a company that has such attention to detail with everybody’s best interest taken care of," Leon explained.

“The service from Browns Plumbing is first class and I have never had any troubles with them. The assigned plumber even rings from site if there are any unforeseen problems with the job,” said Lorinda. 

“I have one owner who has seven properties and will only ever use Browns.”

RMA trust Browns Plumbing to attend to any of their tenants plumbing needs and thank them for their continued service. To list your property with Rental Management Australia click here or Refer a Friend today.