The tenant letter you'd love to receive

Rental Management Australia are proudly a pet-friendly agency. We understand that some Owners may be hesitant to open their home to pets, so this week we heard from Welsh Corgi 'Alfie' on what to expect if you open your rental to a pooch. 

Hello there!

My name is Alfie. I am a four year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves food, sleep, and attention from passersby when out in public. Mum takes me for hourly walks every morning, and most weekends we hit the beach or dog park for some frolicking - so when I am home, I’m very mellow. I will only bark if someone knocks on the front door because I am Head of Security and I take my job very seriously. 

You may have noticed I have fancy fluff. I pride myself on my cuddly coat, but my breed does shed. Mum brushes me and vacuums every day, and every month my groomer treats me to a fancy pampering session that reduces it, so you won’t see fur anywhere in the apartment except on me.

I am an inside dog when mum is home (I have to be involved in everything she does) but I enjoy outside time when she’s at work; I have a lot of toys and love to sunbathe. We’ve been in a studio unit for about three years now - I’m fine with a small space and balcony backyard because I get taken out on adventures every day. Mum is also looking into a doggy daycare for me, where I’d get to play with other poochies all day!

I understand you may be hesitant to have a dog as a tenant, but I promise I am a very good boy. I am respectful, obedient (especially since I often get a treat when I follow instructions), and not destructive at all. I am fully house trained and haven’t had an accident inside since I was a little pup just learning the ropes.

Please give me the chance to be Head of Security at your property, I won’t let you down!


(If you want to check on how good a boy I’m being, find me on Instagram - @alfalfacorgi)