Rental Management Fees Perth

Rental Management Fees Perth

RMA offers high-quality service and competitive rental management fees in Perth. Rental management services benefit homeowners by taking care of their investment properties, allowing owners to put their time into what they enjoy.

Rental management fees are paid to rental managers. The two types of rental management fees are letting fees and management fees. 


What is a letting fee?

Letting fees (also known as leasing fees) are paid to your rental manager when they source a new tenant for you. A letting fee is paid at the beginning of a lease or rental agreement and usually comes from a tenant’s first rental payment. It has a fixed cost but might include additional expenses incurred. The fixed costs include things like the assessment of rental value, the execution of a lease and the processing and lodgement of a bond.

Some additional expenses include the costs of marketing and advertising your rental, background checks for tenants, processing applications and inspection.


What is a management fee?

Management fees are continuous payments made to the rental manager that looks after your property. Management fees are paid with the same frequency as rental payments. They are calculated as a percentage of the rental income generated by the property. This number is typically between 7% and 10% but ultimately depends on the company you are working with. Management fees vary based on the specific services included by the property manager.

Typical management services include communicating with tenants, collecting rental payments, inspecting the property and taking care of maintenance and repair. Asking for a complete list of services from your rental manager clarifies the fees charged. RMA’s highly-trained rental managers always provide full transparency to our clients.


RMA’s rental management services

RMA’s rental managers offer a range of different services, including:


Perth’s Property Market

Perth’s rental market is robust right now, offering excellent returns for rental properties. So it’s an opportune time to enter the property market and earn a passive income. RMA offers fair and competitive property management fees throughout Perth. 

Our Perth offices include South Perth, Joondalup and Port Kennedy. We also have an office in Bunbury in southwest WA. Come visit the office nearest you for an in-person consultation.


Rental management fees in Perth are more than worth the cost when considering the benefits to be gained. Property investment is incredibly lucrative, bringing terrific financial gain.

Hiring a property manager takes care of all the hassle that comes with an investment property. You simply collect the income and take advantage of all your free time. Feel free to contact us if you’re curious to learn more.

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