Rental management helps property investors manage their properties with a corresponding rental management fees in Perth. Usually, rental management fees ranges from 7% to 10% of the gross rental income. Aside from that, there may be other fees depending on the services offered.

Rental Management Fees Perth

Among the services offered by rental management are providing the right experts who will handle any problems arising from the rental property. Rental management will also supervise any legal concerns pertaining to tenancy procedures. Even though they will be the one to handle this, property owners will still be informed with all the details.

Another rental management fee in Perth is the letting fee, it is the fee charged for acquiring a new tenant. Depending on different rental managements, they charge a fixed cost and an additional fee for expenses incurred in getting a new tenant. The variable fees may include: marketing or advertisement, background and credit check of the tenant, application and inspection costs.

No matter what the rental management fees in Perth are, it can’t be compared with the benefits that a property owner can gain from having a rental management. In the end, the cost of having a rental management is nothing compared to the profit earned by the rental property.